Best Trimmer For Men In India 2021 (Best Buy)

Shaving on time is required the most for men to look decent. Previously, the only way to get trimmed/shaved your hair was to visit a salon. But now with the change of technology that can be done by yourself using trimmers. That’s why today we have brought this article on the best trimmer for men in India.

best trimmer for men in India
best trimmer for men in India

With the invention of trimmers, there have been many big companies that started manufacturing this product. Because of which today there are many best trimmer under 1000 rs available in the market.

So, to make your work easier today we will review the best trimmer for men in India. We will also review the best beard trimmer for men and the best mustache trimmer for men in this article.

Best Trimmer For Men In India

Best Trimmer For Men In IndiaCheck Price
1. Philips BT1215/15 Check Price
2. Philips Norelco Multi-groomCheck Price
3. SYSKA Ht750Check Price
4. Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022Check Price
5. Wahl 09854-624 All in OneCheck Price
6. Philips BT7501/15 Check Price
7. Havells BT6201
Check Price
8. Ustraa Chrome Beard TrimmerCheck Price
9. Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1Check Price
10. Havells BT9010Check Price

1. Philips BT1215/15


Philips is on the list of the best trimmer brands in India. Their goods are made of supreme quality and are long-lasting. And this product isn’t any different in contrast to other folks.

The blades are made from stainless steel and for that reason are sharp as well and have a rounded edge which is the ideal blade trimmer. It lowers the chance of flaking & scrapes while trimming. This variant comes with 4 combs that will help you out to style your hair properly.

Nevertheless, the features don’t stop just here, one of its trendiest features is the charging which means you might get a handle on it with a USB cable & an adapter. You will possibly get a handle on it together with your personal computer too.

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But, there is a disadvantage also that the company doesn’t furnish the adapter with this specific product, you would have to buy it separately. But if you don’t use a comb then you’re likely to wind up a .5mm length trimmed beard that is next to shaving your beard off.

The battery needs approx two hrs to get charged and also the working phase is 60 minutes which is a good time. You’ll find an LED screen for showing battery lifetime & fully charged status.

You also get Dura Technology in this best Philips trimmer for men. This tech helps lessen the friction on the blades so that the battery engine & life are not becoming jammed while still running for quite some time.

Plus, the comprises a travelling button that makes sure your Philips trimmer won’t begin unintentionally. And the blades are watertight.

Philips BT1215/15 trimmer is among the most useful trimmers to receive yourself a brand new shave in India because it includes upto .5mm trimming length that is exemplary for people that usually do not delight in the beard shaving. Generally, this trimmer is really a value for money merchandise.

  • USB Charger
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Charging
  • No Adapter

2. Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One 3000

Multigroom All-In-One 3000
Multigroom All-In-One 3000

The Philips Norelco is no more than a stable trimmer built to make it possible for someone to use its whole capability for a prolonged period. Such because of one other exceptional haircare products and services in Philips, any particular you were created to last while providing probably the maximum useful hands for your own hair. That will aid you with obtaining specific control over the blossom, about numerous attachments.

This Philips trimmers for men comes with most of the present diverse forms of attachments you’re very likely to desire to modify every bit of a person’s hair in that person. Together with those alternatives, you’re likely to develop into the style you are in a position to assume.

It’s going to cause your own hair an exceptional trimming to find yourself a long time since it’s intended to continue. The blades are fortified with stainless steel and they will not rust or break.

This best trimmer for men employs 2x more than self-sharpening blades that empower them since they work. Thus they can keep as eloquent as the first after a handful of years of usage. The guards that are augmented can’t bend or buckle you might take advantage of the trimmer readily and easily.

The blades and guards are available off readily to receive yourself a wash. Each of the many attachments that arrive with this specific trimmer is washable. The Norelco in addition utilizes an effective lithium-ion battery that can supply an entire hour of use per charge.

There are not a great deal of flaws within this specific trimmer. Almost all are easy to over look. This gadget is merely a sure alternative for our collection of this most useful trimmer for men within India.

  • Many Attachments
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • No LED Indication
  • No Fast Charging

3. SYSKA Ht750


Syska has over the electronic equipment in India within a couple of years of moving into the industry and their services are now selling like mad.

This best syska trimmer for men includes plenty of useful options. Although, The grade of the merchandise is ordinary when comparing to other services and products and services within such esteem.

The merchandise is ergonomic, simple to know and operate. It’s potential to use it to utilize cordless or cable in case charged. Blades are made of metal and can be cleaned very easily.

The length preferences range from 0.5M — 10mm. You manage your own blossom in lots of manners using this particular setting.  The battery may possibly be the favourite thing to understand. If that’s right then that is merely a time saver and could possibly be employed in somewhat tight. These trimmers for men online needs just 1.5hrs to get fully charged which is an amazing thing. The blades are very easy to wash.

This very best syska trimmer for both men comprises both poor & excellent sides. Where you will find quick hands technologies, however, the battery copy isn’t great. There’s simply no strategy it’ll soon be inclined to assume that the fee at the trimmers because no hint remains not.

This can be an ordinary product which really does the effort, but however in this respect scope which must get given to the better-built premium excellent . It’s significant for this quantity of money merchandise, because you can’t acquire everything in 1 product.

  • Fast Charging
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Good Usage Time
  • No Charging Indicator
  • Low-Quality Build

4. Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022

Braun BT3022 Review
Braun BT3022 Review

The Braun BT3022 is a lightweight and successful men trimmer. It means it’s simple to sew a blossom of numerous lengths. It provides great accuracy giving you about 20 length settings. It’s simple to maintain your beard wash using the specific same tool the moment you’ve acquired the style you require with this.

When a trimmer that might only cut a predetermined span is insufficient, the Braun BT3022 should come out. It’s a broad group of length settings and which means you can acquire complete control of the way that you cut your hairs. It guarantees an even cut using accurate lines and edges.

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You’ll get great advantages to owning a braun trimmer for men, despite the fact that. We’re going to go over the following motive we’ve viewed and believe to be winning things relating to this distinct special tool.

To start out with, it includes an even far more precise wheel. This feature is very handy as soon as you desire to remain whole care in your own personal trimming. That you won’t generate the trimmer every once in a while to fix the length. All you have to complete is move the wheel into the length that you desire.

You’re going to be delighted about using it for a long very long time, although the blades are still somewhat amazingly sharp and extremely lasting, and therefore they do not become dull. They can easily be able to cut back hair without a pulling and yanking.

  • Portable
  • Adjustable Length Settings
  • Low Battery Life

5. Wahl 09854-624 All in One Grooming Kit Trimmer

Wahl 09854-624 Review
Wahl 09854-624 Review

This very best Wahl trimmer can be the best trimmer in India under 3000. After searching for a long time that I discovered this trimmer to become one of the very reliable all inch trimmers in India of the time.

Though I was very unaware of this brand new, upon doing a bit of research, I heard that they are the very first business that invented cordless trimmers. I came across that numerous men and women in India are looking for professional trimmers & all in one grooming kit and I believe this variant might be in the finish of this search.

This allinone professional grooming apparel for men could possibly be properly used for trimming hair, beard and eyebrows. If you’re wondering what’s so interesting about those distinct trimmers, then permit me to inform you that this is but some of these best trimmers for men are using Li-ion battery lifetime tech.

It provides you with the finest in the industry battery backup, real quick charging, and double-click on the engine power in contrast to other devices.

Battery as discussed earlier in your daytime only someone to own ION battery technician within this budget. You’re going to find a battery backup of 3 hrs no additional provides that substantially running time during some time with the moment.

If you’re in want of a last-minute change to your beard without a fee is left-handed, that you do not need to be worried, that comes with the rapid cost technician, inch minute of this fee may provide 3 moments time. This really is striking!

Over all it’s worth the buy price you’re paying and getting numerous features in 1 trimmer.

  • Fast Charging
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Professional Kit
  • No Dialer

6. Philips BT7501/15 Cordless & Corded

Philips BT7501/15 Review
Philips BT7501/15 Review

There are invariably a lot of items that compose that device is inside our collection of this best trimmer for men in India. It has a whole slew of characteristics that make it to become always a must-have.

The BT7501/15 is followed closely by an effective vacuum system that produces it feasible to scale back your own hair, along with virtually smooth airflow that allows it to ingest 90 per cent of its trimming hair follicles. It’s clean and efficient to work with plus it packs a significant punch too compared to other trimmers for men.

It’s likely to make use of this to get a very long time plus feel no rust from the sharpness in these blades. Stainless steel helps ensure their potency remains up and they don’t really become rusted.

Moreover, it’s likely to certainly feel exactly how sharp that the blades will be the canister uses its Lift and Trim Technology to increase hair thinning so that your blades can proceed. The selected period might even be procured therefore that the hair gets trimmed equally on all sides.

The best body hair trimmer for men uses Durapower tech to power and lasts for 60 minutes cordless. An easy 5-minute quick charge is enough to supply you the entire trimming. In addition, it is also usable using AC power, encouraging electric usage.

  • Self Sharpening
  • Both Corded and Cordless
  • Has Battery Indicator
  • Little Expensive

7. Havells BT6201

Havells BT6201 Review
Havells BT6201 Review

When it’s to do with some beard trimmer, Havells might be a truly well-reputed brand using a broad assortment of grooming apparel for men. In addition to that Havells BT6201 is simply a special best trimmer for men that you are able to acquire in India.

Even the Havells beard trimmer includes supreme quality stainless steel hypoallergenic metal blades offering you skin-friendly sharp and much more efficient cut daily usage.

For the perfect styled ending, this trimmers for men under 2000 includes an elastic accuracy comb. This comb is easily changed by slipping into incorporate increased accuracy. The trimmer comes with an extremely effective quick rechargeable ion battery that provides you 90 minutes of usage in mere 90 minutes of charge.

In addition, this best body trimmer for men could likewise be implemented as corded or cordless according to your convenience. This Havells trimmer includes a readily removable headset and blades. Ergo, you are ready to scrub off the one blade trimmer after every consumer to maintain hygiene up.

  • Both Corded and Cordless
  • Fast Charging
  • Portable
  • Long Lasting Blades
  • Weird Design

8. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer, Corded & Cordless

Ustraa CHROME 300 Review
Ustraa Chrome Review

Even the Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer is a superb product that’s increased a great deal of noise whilst in the Indian industry. They can stand up to brands that provide professional hair care solutions. With the duration of time, the fee continues, you can wind up being your own favourite.

The merchandise includes an extremely high-level degree battery compared with a number of other beard trimmers readily available on the marketplace. With only 60 minutes charge, it may possibly supply you with a full 90-120 minutes of usage. This means that you may possibly do exactly the work peacefully all on your hair, forming it exactly the way you would like without worrying about running out of charge.

Even the blades sharpen since they operate, so ensuring they always cut your hair smoothly. You may not wind up getting tangles for them since they may be siphoned further using a hose securely. They usually do not really detract out of the blades.

The Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer includes an extremely helpful 600mAH li-ion battery-powered that deals over merely a 60-minutes after which it continues double enough time it is going to try control. The charging law creates certain you unintentionally hurt the battery lifetime, while at the specific same time providing you with 90-120 minutes of trimming.

Together side one of these powerful choices, in addition, it comes with additional very little things which make it function as the best beard trimmer for men in India. By way of instance, it runs whether or not it’s not plugged. It’s possible to utilize it using AC power in the event it won’t possess control. It’s followed closely with an LCD battery index, so it’s really a whole lot simpler to continue to.

  • Both Corded and Cordless
  • Fast Charging
  • Overcharging Protection
  • Less Length Settings

9. Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Body Grooming Kit

Panasonic ER-GY10K Review
Panasonic ER-GY10K Review

Speaking regarding the best trimmer in India,” Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Grooming Kit is simply yet another one of these best trimmers for men that come straight into play.

That you never need to be considered a professional to make use of it, just know a few approaches and also you can-do trimming and styling your hair and beard thinning very easily, With this specific trimmer, you still obtain 4 kinds of spoonful for both shaving and trimming. This multi-purpose dressing kit comes with a metal blade which is engineered for long-term accuracy and quick cutting advantage performance.

It’s a significant user-friendly, just by copying this up and down, you’re in a position to opt for the item vary between 5 preferences into 3mm to 15mm depending up on your look and design. This trimmer does not require any additional comb. The trimmer includes an proper financial design which might be properly used wireless in wet or dry.

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Charging Indicator
  • Japanese Blade Technology
  • No Fast Charging

10. Havells BT9010 Beard & Moustache Trimmer

Havells BT9010 Review
Havells BT9010 Review

This best trimmer for men features a few unique features that you won’t ever find in nearly all the other trimmers.

The wider mouth with this trimmer allows it to cover more distance and provide a far more powerful and faster-cutting border. You could not find that an excellent number of additional hair sprays that might cover as much distance as you possibly can. In the event that you’d enjoy your trimming session to become eloquent and fast then this havells trimmer really is a great alternative.

The wider mouth works substantially higher than you really believe. That’s due to the different features that the blossom trimmer provides. The metal blades may quickly provide one of the very of use trimming you’re in a position to think of if alongside all wide-mouth area. This trimmer has a whooping 20 settings.

As previously mentioned before, the trimmer is followed closely by an exceptional battery which lasts substantially more than required to restrain. Once it gives ultimate flexibility when it’s cordless, it might be handled using a cable as well.

There’s just another wonderful quality which you merely enter into that particular aspect, the charging interface is micro USB. Meaning you can restrain your trimmer in case you have forgotten to generate the charger to receive it done together with you. It’s likely to restrain this up with a mobile charger. In addition, the device can also come with a digital screen for your own battery stats.

  • More Space
  • Good Hold
  • More Usage Time
  • Lack of Travel Lock
  • Weird Design

Buying Guide – Best Trimmer For Men

A growing number of men are deciding to have charge of their own body hair, either to remove it or trimming it to some degree acceptable for them. This buying guide will give you a great idea about buying the best trimmer for men.

Cutting System

One of those aspects that normally produce the gap in virtually any contrast of trimmers for men under 1000 could be your cutting platform which the merchandise offers. In cases like this, you’ll find lots of systems which can be used and that may distinguish a superb and cheap trimmer for men and still another which isn’t therefore.

Starting with the common system, it’s normal to find services and products dependent on the traditional blade platform, which divides over the axis to carry out the cut. The technique, along with the corresponding comb that which makes it simple to cut into various lengths according to your preferences. In cases like this, the men trimmer also offers different degrees by that to opt for the one which most suits you personally at all times.

Broadly speaking, the best trimmer for men are all along with helpful tips comb, which eases the cutting process by reducing discomfort and aggravation. Some trimmers for men amazon include a number of these attachments of distinctive lengths in order to cut back the hair together with precision.

Simple to Use

Much like models intended for women, in the case of male trimmers, the simplicity and luxury of using this item is just another aspect that people must consider. Notably because, as it comes to reaching certain regions of the human anatomy, a version that doesn’t need a fantastic ergonomic design will certainly expedite the epilation procedure. Remember it is the skin that’s at stake.

Because of this, the very first element which defines the best manageability of this product is the look. Both the mind and the handle have to be more ergonomically developed to permit the epilator to slide upon the body effortlessly. With a curved head trimmer and the ideal accessories, it’s obviously simpler to clear away the concealed hair and also achieve fantastic outcomes.

Exactly the same happens with all the plan of this deal, which ought to ease control in regard to maintaining the heartbeat. It needs to be said that models with battery-powered and also that work evenly in the household are more straightforward to utilize than models which have cable and that may simply be properly used dry. In reality, many users prefer just dry usage since it’s generally better compared to this system that’s also acceptable for that shower.

Battery and Accessories

To complete our information, it’s the right time to discuss the accessories and also the battery life of these services and products. Both of these elements are quite important when it comes to examining just how much a trimmer for men costs also to assess its practical temperament, therefore it’s important to examine these precisely.

All these are aspects that acquire special significance especially for people that would like to maintain even more accurate control of how big is their hair loss.

In regard to accessories, it’s suitable that the best trimmers for men India which we’re evaluating incorporate different bits by which to cut back the hair in various regions of the human anatomy. It’s perhaps not crucial, however, it’s correct that having multiple combs and cutting elements may allow you to ensure that your own hair gets got the period that you desire at most times.

In terms of battery, we’ve already commented on why cordless trimmers are far preferable to the ones who want a connection to the power socket. In cases like this, it’s vital to consider its freedom, which is determined in part by the demands you’ve got.

Generally, this freedom shouldn’t be less than 30 minutes, the majority of the time and energy to wax completely, and never having to dash. Last, do not neglect to inspect the time that it requires for your upload to finish.

Even as we all know you prefer to look after your self, you might well be interested in having accessories which cause you to stand, like an original bag for men or those trendy shoes that stick outside that season.

How to Use Best Trimmer For Men

When purchasing a man trimmer in India, it’s crucial to understand just how exactly to utilize it in order to find the absolute most from it. Optimal elimination of undesirable hair will ride on its management. Next, we’ll let you know step by step how to make use of the best trimmer for men.

Examine hair Development

It’s typical for men to use a trimmer for that very first time to cut on the back themselves. This sometimes happens since they don’t really understand very well what hair growth resembles. In order to steer clear of injuries that result in an aversion to such machines, it’s highly advisable to examine the essence of your own body’s hair loss.

Watch the Purpose of accessories

Each attachment which includes a man trimmer is indicated for a single area or some of their human anatomy. In this manner, it’s highly advisable to make use of them depending upon the region to be retrieved in order to generate the waxing effect a whole lot more effective.

Therefore, as you may imagine, the blossom attachment will probably soon be somewhat more precise and bigger compared to the one indicated for waxing the torso, which is bigger.

Start the Trimmer

Depending upon the version, it’s likely that the trimmer for boys works through the bond to the electric socket or through battery life. The latter instance is extremely useful since it isn’t essential to be determined by almost any plug in to make use of the machine. Depending upon your ability system, you then must charge the battery ahead or simply just join the machine into the lighting.

Hold on the Trimmer with Determination

In order to get a far better user experience, it’s very important that the best trimmer for man in India possess an ergonomic design and style, especially in many cases where the semester could take more than mandatory. Only at that point, it’s vital to securely grip the grip and slip the machine off from the hairline.


After having a waxing session, it’s probably that skin is somewhat bloated and sterile, therefore it’s highly advisable to add extra hydration. Depending on the region of ​​your system, you may find special lotions for every region. Ingredients like aloe vera, in general, enable the skin to recoup after having withstood this procedure. Spread the cream gently until it’s fully consumed.

Trimmer Maintenance

The electric trimmers for men should be strictly for private usage. This truth, of course, suggests rigorous hygiene, since these machines have been utilized to transport out baldness on distinct pieces of the human anatomy. It wouldn’t be suitable to give the other person a machine that individuals utilize to wax their own entire body.

In addition, it’s crucial to perform sufficient maintenance after each usage, no matter the depilated location. Even the machine is watertight, it’s enough to put it under the faucet to eliminate the trimmed hair out of the blades. In this manner, it is going to be in the best shape for the upcoming usage.


This was it for the best trimmer for men in India article. I hope that you have chosen the perfect trimmer according to your requirements. Now your question about what are the best trimmers for men must have got an answer. If you have anything to say to us then do comment, we will love to hear your opinions.

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